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Jun 27, 2020
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Independent financial advisor teaches you how to cope with the financial situation and how to live a rich life in the future. Able to accomplish your goal!


Before carrying out these activities, remember that most of the wealthiest people today have no way to start making money.

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He patiently pursues his savings and spending habits through a good financial plan and pursues his wealth with overall interests. He knew that personal finance was important.


Warren Buffett is often regarded as one of the most successful investors in managing funds and investment. I will mention his two famous quotes. The first reference is:

“You can make the most important investment yourself.”


The quote is self-explanatory. The importance of strengthening knowledge and skills is the best money to spend. In terms of personal finance, the best investment is in financial knowledge and personal finance.


Although you don’t really talk about money at a general social gathering, you may know some friends or family who seem to always struggle with money.


There is no in-depth philosophical discussion of money and spirituality (which is beyond the scope of this blog post!), in fact, money is needed to provide the basic necessities of life. Money affects all of us, and our decisions affect our financial situation.


Salary is a very stressful lifestyle. Although you may have work to pay your bills, huge or unexpected medical bills may cause your life to be in chaos.


Financial knowledge is like learning another language. You must use and use your knowledge to maintain performance. You should understand some terminology and concepts. When you raise your awareness of financial issues, it becomes a practical example.


Regardless of your age, occupation, or income level, an in-depth understanding of your financial situation will help you to be responsible for the way income is distributed.


You must also be honest with yourself, so you know how much money you can earn to maintain happiness.


Personal finance is your way of managing money. This includes all financial decisions and activities of individuals or households, such as income, savings, investments, and expenditures.


It covers a wide range of financial topics including budget, expenditure, debt, savings, retirement, and insurance.


When it comes to money, planning should be solid, because there are many variables that will affect your financial planning. Meeting your future needs and improving the quality of life depends on your plan today. Financial planning can help you define short-term and long-term financial goals and develop a balanced plan for achieving these goals.


Personal Finance Definition

In personal finance, you include everything about how to manage funds.


As the name suggests, your personal finance is unique to you. This means that it has nothing to do with the economy. This also means that your colleagues, colleagues, family members, and others will look very different from your job.


In the end, personal finance comes down to how you handle the financial pillar.


What is the financial pillar? I’m glad you asked. The four main pillars of personal finance are:


  • How will you save your money?
  • How to make your money grow?
  • How to make more money?
  • How do you use the money to buy things?


Personal finance is about achieving personal finance goals, whether it is short-term financial needs, retirement plans, or enough to provide savings for your child’s college education.


It all depends on your income, expenses, housing needs, personal goals, and wishes-and plans to meet these needs within financial constraints.


However, in order to maximize the use of income and savings, it is important to be financially conscious so that you can distinguish well from bad advice and make informed decisions.


A single box can be defined according to the standard to handle budget responsibilities randomly at this time.


The field of personal funds is a wide range of topics including planning, deductions, contributions, and risk assessment.


Budgeting-If you don’t have a financial plan, you won’t be able to track consumption within a certain period of time, so spend some money to check how to spend to avoid excessive or insufficient spending. It’s important to access the account.


Savings-Once the expenditure plan is tailored to your needs, the investment fund plan will be the most important thing in the future.


You can be happy by opening a fixed store account that requires a lot of cash without investing, and such a plan will fail. Therefore, personal finance is very important.



When you focus on retirement, you should also focus on your money and think about what you plan to do after getting off work in order to establish a strong framework as soon as possible.


This will allow you to avoid suffering and laid off because you have not considered life after getting off work.


After all, investment is a necessity for everyone, it comes from personal financing options. When you don’t cooperate, you will go bankrupt because you cannot get an extra salary in addition to your benefits.


There are various alternative guesses that you can check with friends who have tested very few contributions. To find out whether the area needs to be cleaned up, he took a test to help his education and new financial professionals.


Personal finance is about achieving personal finance goals, whether it’s meeting short-term financial needs, retirement plans, saving for a child’s marriage or receiving higher education, buying a car, etc.


It all depends on your income, expenses, housing needs, personal goals, and wishes-and plans to meet these needs within financial constraints.


To meet these personal financial needs, you can choose an unsecured personal loan. Despite the digital platform, many NBFCs still offer personalized offers at attractive rates.


You don’t need any physical access or official documents. Just visit their website and apply online and their representative will contact you.


Personal financial advice

Bad financial advice can ruin your long-term plan and make you lose your hope for the future. However, good financial advice (when applied) will flourish in all aspects of your life, and even improve the lives of others during the development process.

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Everyone likes free things-financial advice is no exception. There are many useful resources that can help you better understand your money.


Now, there is a lot of continuous information in the media about whether we are in a recession. Many people oppose the term “economic slowdown”.


There have been some fluctuations in the stock market recently. (On the other hand, in the face of falling oil prices, many people can breathe a sigh of relief.)


The best thing you can do is not to panic! Don’t jump to “hot” projects now, because speculation has overcome the basis of much panic (and profiteering). And don’t get rid of everything now.


Evaluate your situation calmly. An investment that maintains basic health and may recover. The current stock market rebound option is to reduce the fundamentally weak investment losses (even cash gains).


It doesn’t matter whether we are in a recession. You only need to differentiate the help you provide to others. Take care of your expenses, repay some debt, save some debt, and invest wisely. These are things that will ensure that you are almost ready for everything the economy brings.


Whatever you do, don’t panic!


Make full use of your existing financial service provider

If you have a financial account, it will provide customers with free tools-make sure you can profit from it:


Your bank or credit union. The amount of financial advice provided varies greatly, so if you make a difference in this regard, please make it a priority when purchasing a new account.


Nerd Wallet’s bands and credit unions’ first choices are the best tools for alliance banking and simple budget and financial planning.

Your workplace and 401(k) provider. Are you planning to retire? According to a survey of 187 employers and Light Solutions covering 8 million workers, two-thirds of companies provide tools through a cooperative program to help workers determine how much they will receive after retirement.


The 2018 survey also found that about 80% of its employees are implementing welfare programs on topics such as investment and budget.


Your online broker Many brokers provide educational resources to help you learn how to invest. TD Amtrade is a high-quality company that provides everything from video editing to testing and offers a complete investment course on its website.


Brokers in the market? The options listed in our list of best brokers provide many of these resources.


Go ahead and predict the bill and save it now so they don’t have much trouble on time. You know that insurance is coming, and you know how much it will cost, so put some of it in the next month and another part.


Do this with real estate taxes and other expenses. This prevents you from making difficult spending choices or creating credit card balances.


What do you need to do financially to achieve this vision? Do you need to reduce costs? Is it realistic to save some big goals? Increase income? Setting one or two key goals for the next decade will help you achieve this vision. Write the goal on paper and place it where you see it most often.


Personal Financial Statement Definition and Example

Personal financial statements are documents or spreadsheets that determine someone’s financial situation at a particular time. Personal financial statements usually include general information about an individual, such as name and address, and the distribution of total assets and liabilities.

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This statement is useful for tracking goals and wealth. It is often needed when applying for credit.


Can prepare financial statements for businesses and individuals. This statement clarifies the financial integrity of the entity. Personal financial statements are called personal financial statements and are simple versions of company data.


Individual financial statements reflect their total value, which is the asset’s negative liability. This value indicates that if a person sells all assets and pays off all debts, will he get cash?


If the liabilities exceed the assets in the personal financial statements, the personal net worth is negative. If a person has more assets than he deserves, then his net worth is positive.


When someone applies for credit (such as a loan or mortgage), they usually use personal financial data. From the financial statements, loan officers can easily understand the applicant’s financial situation in order to make informed credit decisions.


In many cases, individuals or spouses may need to provide personal guarantees for a portion of the loan, or they may be forced to mortgage certain personal assets to secure the loan.


Personal financial statements are divided into assets and liabilities. Assets include the value of securities, the amount held in existing or savings accounts, balances in pension accounts, business accounts, and real estate.


Debt includes personal loans such as credit card balances, student loans, unpaid taxes, and mortgages. For example, when sharing a loan with others, if you sign the loan.


The spouse can create a joint personal financial statement stating that they must explain all the assets and liabilities they hold.


Unless individuals are directly and personally responsible, corporate assets and liabilities are usually not included in personal financial statements. For example, individuals personally provide loan guarantees for their businesses. Just like branding, so it will be included in your personal financial statements.


Suppose Cage Hen wants to understand his value in retirement. He paid off the loan, saved money and investment, and almost owned his own house. Every year, he updates the statement to see the progress.


Suppose Henry has $20,000 cars, $200,000 houses, 200,000 investments, $300,000 cash and cash equivalents. With $50,000 assets. He also owns some very large philatelic stamps and artworks, worth more than $20,000. Its total assets are $590,000.


In terms of debt, Henry owes $5,000 for cars and $50,000 for housing. He pays by credit card, but he has to pay the balance every month, so he has no money. Henry signed a loan for his daughter, but $10,000 won remained. Although this is not Henry’s debt, it is still responsible, so it is included in the statement. Henry owes $65,000


Excluding assets and liabilities, Henry’s total value is $525,000.